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How can I praise people – and not look a creep?

Hello. Welcome to Feedback – and welcome to your job. If you manage people, giving feedback is almost certainly part of your job. Feedback can be positive – let’s use plain language and call it praise. And yes, some feedback can be negative, about behaviour that needs to be improved. I like to call this [...]

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Managing performance: what really works?

The notion that ‘Appraisals are over’ has been around for a couple of years now. They were ‘axed’, ‘scrapped’ (even ‘killed’), and employees would be ‘free’ thanks to Accenture’s announcement of their overhaul of performance reviews. After Accenture ditched appraisals, countless others followed and continue to do so. Very radical. The wonderfully acerbic response by [...]

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Does anyone get straight As from you?

Old-fashioned elementary school report cardImage: @jentara/DepositPhotos Did you ever get this comment in your school reports, “Must try harder.”? I certainly did. With the passing of time and the benefit of hindsight I appreciate the intent and feel less of a sting from the barb, but it can still bring back memories… I [...]

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Who can you ask for feedback? Here’s an A-Z!

A question that often comes up when I facilitate workshops on effective feedback is that people seem to think there’s no-one to ask. After all, feedback isn’t just about giving other people constructive comments on their performance; we need feedback on our own. And the way of the world - or at least this part [...]

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8 tips for better feedback

Feedback. How do you feel when you read (or hear) that word? Thrilled at the prospect? Despondent at the @%*t sandwich you reckon will be headed your way? Curious and keen to learn more? And what about when giving feedback is a vital part of your job? Chances are if you manage people then giving [...]

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