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Should you give feedback to loved ones?

Image: IuliiaLapoko©DepositPhotos When I’m doing workshops about feedback, questions often come up about giving and getting feedback with loved ones. Sometimes people are very open about it - Q: “Should I give my husband positive feedback?”  A: “It depends.” Sometimes people hang back after the session to ask their questions when the room’s [...]

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How to give your boss feedback?

Image: Diego Schtutman/deposit photos When I ask this question in Zoomly’s training workshops, several souls usually respond with: “Awkward!” “You obviously haven’t met my boss!” or simply “Nooooo!”   We then have to work on what’s stopping people giving their manager feedback, how to get past those self-imposed obstacles - and what to [...]

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10 Delegation tips

When managers are overwhelmed, one of the first things they lose their grip on is delegation – yet that’s precisely why they need to keep delegating, and doing more of it. Whether you’ve been delegating for ages and think you’ve mastered it but would like a refresher, or you’re new to managing others and want [...]

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Why you’re not achieving your goals

It's that time of year when we're all making resolutions, joining gyms, shocking our bodies with exercise and crash diets - well some of us are... And yet, we all know - don't we - that most resolutions just don't stick. The gym membership lapses - or doesn't even get taken up. The new exercise [...]

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A fun way of getting feedback – yes, really

I’ve written elsewhere - and of course in The Feedback Book - about the importance of getting feedback. We could all do with more feedback, so long as it’s of the considered, clear and actionable kind. We need to ask for feedback (at all or more often), particularly if the organisational culture doesn’t seem to [...]

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What to do (and what not to do) when one of your team goes on a training course

cartoon: lineartestpilot (Matthew Britton) A major variable in whether or not learning and development sticks is the role of the participant’s manager. Some would say the manager is the biggest ROI variable, so great is their influence on the participant’s state of mind as they embark on training and afterwards attempt to apply [...]

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Giving actionable feedback needs action words

  We can tangle ourselves in knots when it comes to giving feedback (whether positive or corrective). Particularly us awkward Brits. We dress it up. Put frills and a bow on it. Ahhh – don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Or we feed people sandwiches. Then we get vexed when the recipient of this cat’s [...]

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How to receive feedback?

Photo: Charlotte Allen, nupix ‘How to give feedback’ is one of Zoomly’s most popular workshops - but what about being on the receiving end? Most of us can feel pretty squeamish at the idea of someone giving us feedback, but we need to understand that feedback is a two-way street. If we expect [...]

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