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10 unlikely places to practise feedback

One of the most common excuses I hear on training workshops about performance management and feedback is ‘I need more practice’. Fair enough. Practice is essential to develop any skill. But if you just wait for ‘the right time’ to happen along - it won’t. So how can you practise your feedback skills and really [...]

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Help your team give you feedback

As this blog’s all about feedback and managing people well, this includes you getting feedback from your team. Yes, Dear Reader, you need to get feedback as well as give it. And you need to be able to do that without seeming creepy or needy, whining, “but why doesn’t anyone on my team give me [...]

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Should you get a mentor?

Sometimes people ask me this question in the same way I’d imagine they ask their friends if they should get a tattoo. Just because your friend’s got one, just because you’ve read a bit about it, and just because they’re out there doesn’t mean you should get a mentor. Not until you can articulate two [...]

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